June 23, 2008

Gooey Goodness

Last weekend we went camping again. Surprise, I know. But it was 'The Weekend of Jen'*, as Jeremy put it. This meant that I was able to pick whatever activity I fancied. So, of course, it was camping with my family.

*Jeremy would like me to point out that it is frequently 'The Weekend of Jen'. I would like to point out that Jeremy has golfed once or twice a week since the end of April. There. We're even.

What's the first thing you do when you set up camp? Make a fire, of course. Gaze upon Jeremy's masterpiece of kindling, old gym socks and Vaseline. (He added the last two ingredients this trip and he was so excited about the results.)

Henry acted as a fire tender the entire night. He added so much wood that we eventually had a bonfire.

See how proud he is of himself?

Reese and I enjoyed the campfire.

She became mesmerized by the flames.

Way mesmerized.

The second thing you do when you set up camp? Have a staring contest with your dog.

Maxie was unable to hold Jeremy's gaze for long. He quickly became bored and licked himself.

I began to get the itch for a smore. Here's what I look like wondering if I should have a delicious chocolaty treat so close to bedtime.

Jeremy jumps into action and begins making me a smore. Here he is directing the whole operation. He was in charge of the chocolate, Henry was in charge of the marshmallows and Reese was in charge of the graham crackers.

Somehow, the marshmallows all found their way into Henry's mouth. Whoopsie.

And Reese really wasn't too reliable with the crackers either.

I thought I saw some incriminating evidence on Henry's face.

A close inspection confirms my suspicions. Also, it shows that the smoke is hard on Henry's eyes.

Reesie was busy trying to down her evidence as quickly as she could.

Somehow, Jeremy was able to pull it off himself. (Note: for future reference, any pictures we take while camping that involve food at all, know that Batty WILL be in the background somewhere.)

Picture perfect, fat filled yummers.

See how happy I am while eating this classic camping treat?

Oh, yes. I am definitely so pleased with my hand crafted smore.

You should know that I had the 'happy smore face' around four or five times that night.

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