May 8, 2008

What Wednesday Was Like

If you know Henry, you know his favorite things are running fast, riding his 4-wheeler fast and playing Spiderman (not necessarily fast). You should also know that he loves his gymnastics and tumbling class. So when on Wednesday mornings, the day of his gymnastics class, he's on some sort of natural high and will literally run in a very tight circle in his room shouting, "It's nastics day! It's nastics day!" He'll do this for a good ten minutes which gives me time to get dressed, grab a quick breakfast, brush my teeth, feed Reesie and pack the diaper bag. Since becoming a mother of two, I have taken multi-tasking to the next level, people. If you give me ten minutes, uninterrupted, I can make miracles happen. Either that, or take a quick nap.

Anyway, back to "nastics". So, if during his tumbling class, Henry has listened to his teacher really well, and followed instructions during class, I'll treat him to lunch at the location of his choice. This week, Henry decided he would like to dine at Noodles & Company. Nice choice, little man. Momma's tired of burgers at Arctic Circle.

We got to the restaurant just after 12:00 noon. The parking lot was full. I started to panic a tiny bit, because it's so close to the Air Force Base and I know a lot of those folks eat there for lunch. We were lucky and got in just before the military rush. Henry spotted our usual table and ran over to it while a guy working there was clearing off used dishes from the table. I could hear him while I stood in line to order tell the guy over and over that he was saving the table for his Mommy and Reese and that the guy couldn't sit there. He would ask the guy over and over, "You okay with that, guy?"

While I was ordering, Henry shouted to me that he needed a cookie. I told him I'd get him one, but he has little faith in me and left the table to snatch one from the counter himself. On the way back to the table, he showed it proudly to several tables and the patrons who sat there. Most people nodded in approval.

Here's the cookie.

Finally, Reesie and I joined Henry at our typical table, a booth along the back wall adjacent to the soda fountain machine. Henry loves this seat, because he can peek over at people filling up their glasses and then loudly tell us which drink the person is pouring into their cup. Once in a while he even asks the person what drink they are choosing. I'm not sure why he needs all this data, but he's on top of it every time we go there. I hope it's not just useless knowledge that leaves his little brain soon after he asks the question. I hope he's got a log or something hidden at home where he tracks this information for future use.

Anyway, so we're all seated now, and the nice girl brings our food to us. Henry actually claps when his mac and cheese arrives. When the girl takes our table number card from us, Henry stops her by thrusting out his arm and shouting, "Hold on a minute! That's our seven!"

She laughs and goes on about her work. I don't think she knows Henners is serious about the number thing. When she passes by our table a few minutes later, Henry asks her nicely for our seven back. I laugh and roll my eyes at her as if to kind of apologize. To my surprise, she walks back to the counter, sifts through the numbers and brings back our number seven card to Henry. He continues too eat his lunch with one hand and casually reaches out with the other to accept the card as though this happens all the time. He says "thanks" with a mouth full of food.

He then showed her his righteous frog stamps he received from his teacher at gymnastics for being a good listener. He was so proud of these. The girl seemed impressed.

After admiring Henry's sweet ink, I check on Reesie. She's just waking up. Hello there, beautiful girl.

I then notice that the cookie that Henry's working on right that very moment is just about as big as Reesie's head. I borrow Henry's cookie to see if my theory is correct.

It totally is. And she totally wants it.

After lunch, we head home and Henry starts warning me that he is absolutely not tired and that he has no plans for a nap. When I arrive home, I can hear Henry snoring very loudly from the back seat. I get him in bed, check a few emails, then it's play time for me and Reesie.

Reesie spends most of the next two hours rolling around me while I play with her a little bit, redline some work and do a little house cleaning. She's got the rolling thing down so well that she's starting to do a little "worming" too. She uses her bum and her tummy to inchworm her way toward objects she wants to play with such as her linkadoos, her bottle or my redlines.

Later, Jeremy comes home. Henry and Reesie both think it's a party when Dad's home. We wrestle and snuggle and order some pizza, in that very order. Henry talks me into giving him his second bath of the day, I read to both kids and then they're in bed. Whew! What a fun day.

Around 10:15 pm, a very groggy Henry waddles into our bedroom and announces that he has a tummy ache. He climbs into our bed and we rub his belly. At approximately 10:20, Henry throws up. All over Jeremy. Twice.

And that's pretty much where I'm going to leave Wednesday this week. You don't want me to write about late, late Wednesday and early Thursday. It was messy and involved a lot of towels, laundry soap and a third bath for Henry.

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