May 5, 2008

The Graduate

This is Karly. She is Jeremy's baby sister and she graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor's Degree in something that allows her to prick you with a needle. Legally. Her degree is in the Health Sciences field or something related. Anyway, if you have a lab report you need deciphered, or you just want to see a cute girl in a lab coat, call Karly.

Friday night, Grandma Lauri and Grandpa Wayne, Jeremy and Karly's parents, decided to host a dinner for the girl of the evening at the Timbermine Restaurant. You may remember from an earlier post back in February, that this is a steak house that Jeremy and I frequent, well...quite frequently. Needless to say, when Jeremy heard that we were dining there he was overjoyed. Here is proof of his happiness on the drive to The Timbermine.

Oh how I love to see him happy. I also was excited for the evening of food. See how eager I seem? That's no act. I really am eager.

Karly asked us to be there by six.

But first, we had to drop off the little Manster. He was going to spend the evening with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Brent. He was jonesing for some one-on-one time with them and couldn't wait to play kick ball inside their house. This is an activity that would have been off limits to me as a small child. Way to go kiddo. You've got them wrapped!

So, when we pulled up to our traditional meeting spot in Ogden, here was Henry's face when he spotted my parents car.

My Mom and Dad were excited to have him for the night. My Mom was not, however, happy to have her photo taken. Aren't her glasses sweet? She's had them since the 1970s, before I was hatched. I'm so proud of her for holding on to these for so long that they are now back in style. Way to go, Jo!

After a smooth hand off, Jeremy, Reese and I were off to gorge ourselves on meat and other things at dinner.

While there, Reesie got some cuddling time with Grandma Granny. See how happy she is! Apparently, Grandma Granny is afraid that the camera will steal her soul.

Silly, Grandma. It won't steal your soul, it will only make you look as though you are sleepy.

Here's Josh, Karly's new boyfriend. Theirs is a classic love story for the ages: Girl buys bike. Girl must sell bike. Boy buys bike. Boy and girl begin to date. Boy sells back girl's bike. Aw.

All night long, Jeremy and I kept trying to talk Josh into gouging Karly for a profit when selling her bike back to her. He must have thought we were testing him or something, because time, and time again, he would politely refuse.

We were totally serious. I'd stick it to her, man. And since you said you didn't feel right about making any profit off of the deal, Jeremy and I would gladly ease your mind and take that money from you. Seriously, think about it and get back to us.

By the way, did anyone notice that Josh has some sort of growth springing from his neck. It looks an awful lot like Karly. Here's another look at it.

Oh, snap! Reesie has one too. Must be contagious.

Other people there to celebrate Karly's graduation? So glad you asked. Here's Jake, Riley and Lexa. Pssst! Don't tell Henry that Lexa was there. He would be devastated that he missed her.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Young. From a distance, Jeremy overheard them talking about gangs, travel and recipes. Interesting. Jeremy asked me if I thought they were "Sharks" or "Jets". Who knows with those rebel types.

The other Youngs were there too! Zoe kindly let me hoard in on her chocolate sundae at the end of the evening.

Karly's Dad, Bob was there. He insisted the girls in the upstairs rafters were hitting on him, or at the very least, checking him out intently. I hate to break it to him, but those "girls staring at him all night" were mannequins dressed up like harlots. We all can dream.

Whoa, Lex! It appears your hair is on fire.

Whoa, Crystal! I don't know what's going on here.

Karly's friend Laci made the drive from far away Draper.

Jeremy and I enjoyed ourselves.

Just a little bit.

Here's the Hostess and Host of the evening, Lauri and Wayne. This picture was taken during the first few minutes of the night. They hadn't even had anything to drink yet. I tried to get a picture of them and their graduate daughter, but they were busy running around filling glasses, serving cake and buying dinner that my camera couldn't catch them.

I did manage to get a picture of the delicious appetizers they ordered for everyone. Hurray for deep fried mushrooms!

And a picture of the brain that Jeremy ordered. He claims it was lobster, but looks like brain to me. Either way, it was buttery and delightful.

Great Grandma Young had to leave early for the evening. Maybe a gang meeting? Here she is wishing Reesie well and telling her all about gang warfare in her day.

Oh snap! Here she is roughing up her own son for money. Can you see that wad of bills in her hand? Maybe Jeremy shouldn't have been so flippant about all the "Jet" vs. "Sharks" stuff. Pat is definitely a Shark. Be advised to watch yourself around her.

Next we had cake, also provided in part by our gracious hosts.

Who wants seconds? I really didn't have seconds. I gave my second piece to Jeremy. He asked me if I thought he could shove the whole piece in his mouth. I told him, "That's what she said."

While the party was winding down, someone made the comment that they couldn't believe graduation moments happen only once in a life time. This made Karly happy and all warm inside.

Jeremy chimed in and said, "I can't believe this graduation moment happened at all."

This was Karly's face after hearing that.

The evening was definitely taking a turn now.

After Jeremy apologized to Karly by giving her a noogy and Karly accepted by an unsuccessful attempt at a wedgie (ah, grown ups), we decided that we had classed up the joint enough. It was time to leave. But before I left, I had to document a few of the oddities that exist at The Timbermine. Here's a couple of doll babies that were sitting in the hall.

Can you believe it is some one's job to dust and fix their hair? Strange.

Also, this old lady who sits at a piano in the entrance. Henry thinks she's a witch. He may be right. And she may have jaundice. And very nice cheek bones.

Karly, thanks for graduating! Thanks again Lauri and Wayne for springing for a delicious dinner!

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