April 7, 2008

A Tough Day

Today when Jeremy and I picked the kids up from school I noticed Henry had two (count 'em, two) parental/guardian notices. There, written in ALL CAPS, and very bold, bright colors was HENRY GLASS with swirlies and hearts surrounding his name.

Henry is not a constant receiver of these notices. These notices can range from, Henry fell off the playground equipment and we think he broke his leg to Henry hit or was hit by another child today. (BTW: his leg wasn't broken) I braced myself for what I would read in these two notices on the same day.

The first note read something like this...Henry was following another child around closely after playing together. The child became upset and hit Henry with a book on his face. After the child was put in time out for his behavior, the child apologized to Henry. Henry also received lots of hugs.

The second note read...Henry tried to take a helmet from another child and the child took it back then hit Henry on the shoulder with the helmet. I held Henry until he calmed down. The other child was put into time out and Henry was talked to about sharing.

Not too, bad. I must say, it has been my experience that the more brightly decorated the notice, the smaller the issue. The notice about Henry's suspected broken leg was scrawled in plain pen so small I could barely make out that it was actually addressed to me.

Also, I will better understand when Henry comes home from school and I ask him how his day was and he simply answers, "I hit a kid and a kid hit me."

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