April 18, 2008

Family Function

Friday, we attended the funeral services for Jeremy's Great-Grandma Lois. We were sad to see her pass, but now she is no longer suffering. It gave the family a chance to get together and mourn, but also spend some time with one another.

The cousins (the three older ones) resumed their typical positions on the sofa.

Henry and Zoe hatched plans to tickle everyone.

Aunt Kimberly loved on Reese and her very own little one, Zoe. Reese loved on Kimberly right back. So much so that she tried to eat Kimberly's hand.

Henry went limp with Aunt Karly.

Reesie and Zoe bonded some more.

So Zoe and I decided that we should bond too.

Jeremy wore a suit. I documented it for proof that he actually owns one.

Karly and I hadn't seen each other in 5 days, so we did some catching up and bonding too.

After the beautiful service for Great-Grandma, most everyone changed out of their formal wear and into "play clothes". Jeremy and I did not get that memo, so we stayed dressed up. Here's Jeremy giving into the fact that while he's still wearing a suit, he is happy he has a short sleeved shirt on underneath. I guess he participated in the "play clothes" activities if only a little bit.

Feeling comfortable in their casual wear, the entire family decided to go out together for a meal. Here's what some of us look like eating.

Reesie hung out on my lap most of the time.

I tried to feed her some mashed potatoes, but she wasn't feeling the starches. Here she is giving me her "I can't believe you tried that with me" look.

Henry was obsessed with the ice cream bell at the desert bar. Once you rang it, someone would come and scoop you up some hard ice cream. He "needed" to have bubble gum ice cream. Now, Henners isn't much of an ice cream person (either are Jeremy and me), but I guess as the other cousins go, so does Henry. He promised he would "eat the pink all gone". Um. We totally got suckered, don't you think?

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