March 15, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Thursday Jeremy was driving our super-duper rental car on the freeway near Henefer when he suddenly heard and felt a loud thump. He pulled to the side of the road, walked around to the passenger side of the car and noticed that the front right bumper had pulled apart from the car. He thought to himself that this would be an easy fix if he only had some rope or other binding material handy. Something then told him to walk over to the guard rail to think for a minute. He looked down and dah, dah, dah (dramatic music)…there appeared a small bungee cord lying in the dirt. Coincidence? No. Divine inspiration? No. The Secret? Yes!

When Jeremy told me this story, I knew that indeed The Secret’s most powerful law was in effect that morning. Jeremy told me that there were miles and miles of freeway and he chose that small stretch to pull over. Wow. No one in the history of histories has ever found a rope or a bungee cord on the freeway!

If you don’t already know, the book (scam) The Secret claims to reveal the most powerful law in the universe to anyone for $29.95. Apparently it is such a well kept secret that is was just recently uncovered and placed on late night infomercial television, just like all he prophets, seers and saviors predicted it would.

So I must go now. I must go and wish really, really hard for thin thighs, lustrous hair and a teeny tiny waist. Wish me luck! No wait, I don’t need it, for I have found….The Secret.

Even More Secrets
As Jeremy and I began discussing (laughing) about The Secret he mentioned that he was going to place additional wishes out into the Universe and wait for them to come to him. Here's Jeremy's ongoing list of things he would like the Universe to deliver to him (preferably before May. His words not mine)

Nathan's Hot Dogs. According to Jeremy, these are the most powerful hot dogs in the Universe.

Still the Scooler. His dream of driving around with a cooler welded to a scooter lives on.

Also this gas powered blender, an ultimate party machine. I hope it has a pull cord as a starting mechanism. He wants to fire up this bad boy while camping or hanging out in our garage.

**Update on Jeremy's 2-day held belief of The Secret: Last week around 11:45 am Jeremy was hoping the company would spring for Sugarhouse Barbeque to be delivered to our office for a lunch meeting. He told me if The Secret was true that he would be eating a pulled pork sandwich in 15 minutes. Twenty minutes later he walked past my desk holding a Jason's Deli lunch box and said, "Oh, yeah. The Secret sucks."

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