March 17, 2008

First Timer And Sneaky Hands

All You Can Eat
Saturday to celebrate Reesie’s 5 month mark we decided to feed her with a spoon for the first time. She took to it like a pro, a very messy pro. Here’s the bowl of rice cereal I lovingly prepared for her.

Here’s Reesie’s face when we showed her what she would be eating.

She had a few minutes to take it all in.

Here’s the very first spoonful! Was it yummy?

Mmm…maybe not.

Check out that rice cereal goatee.

I am full.

I am full and happy.

Now I’m just really happy.

Ahh…I love my bottle.

Who’s Been in the Pantry?
Also on Saturday I noticed the pantry door was open a bit. I had a time lapse camera installed close by and captured these images of the sneaky, sneaky perpetrator.

Notice the steady, but small hand.

Getting a grip now.

Ooops. Lost it.

Slowly open the door to peek inside.

I’m too cute to get caught.

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