February 28, 2008

Panda And Fun Food

Politically Correct
This is one of Reesie's favorite stuffed animals. It is a panda bear from Ikea. Jeremy calls him Pedro the Panda. I mentioned to him that most pandas have Chinese names like, Ling Ling or Sing Ling.

Jeremy told me that he didn't want to perpetuate unnecessary stereotypes in front of the children. (BTW: has anyone seen the South Park episode that has the panda bear in it as a mascot? I won't tell you what his name or cause is, but as you can imagine, it's hilarious.)

Pudding Etiquette
Remember an earlier post about what happens when Jeremy is out of town and it's bedtime for Henry? Remember the tongs? Huddle up, I have a similar story for you all. Monday Jeremy had to stay late at work to finish up a deadline. After figuring out that Dad would be home late, well after bedtime, Henry decided he would celebrate by eating pudding in our bed.

I'm happy to report that all the pudding remained either in the pudding cup or in and/or around Henry's mouth. The previous time Henry talked us into having pudding in bed we ended up with chocolately delicious stains on the sheets.

More Food Stories
The other day at work I noticed my dear friend Sara had a huge bag of dried apricots from Trader Joes and a box of frozen edimame at her desk. She kindly offered to share her treats with me. Upon closer inspection of the bag of fruit I noticed that these were no ordinary apricots, they were choice CHOICE apricots. Wow.

I asked her if the same was true for the edimame. Sadly, no. Just ordinary protein.

Just then, hearing us conversating about edimame, our friend and co-worker CJ walked over an announced he had an awesome edimame story. Thinking this was funny, I told him that I had never heard a bad edimame story, but I was waiting in anticipation for his "awesome edimame" story.

CJ then sarcastically said, "Alright, I'll tell you my awesome edimame story, but I must warn you, it involves your Mom."

Roast. On me. And, I guess, my Mom.

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