July 22, 2008

Survivor Man

This past weekend, our family did a little camping in the Uintah Mountains. We had such a fun time. It's becoming increasingly difficult to post about our camping excursions since we go so often. I mean, how entertaining can it be for my tens of readers out there to see ANOTHER camping trip where we show picture ourselves looking at the fire or ourselves looking at trees or ourselves claiming to be the next Survivor Man? Oh, wait a minute. That last one is totally entertaining.

Here's Jeremy. You should all know him by now.

Here's Jeremy demonstrating what his fire will look like once it takes off. I can't be sure, but he may be using Navy SEAL signals here.

Here's the awesome fire he built. (with gasoline and two matches)

No, wait...here it is.

Here's Jeremy explaining to me what an awesome Survivor Man he would make because he can keep his family warm (fire), provide for his family (he and Reesie caught two fish while Henry and I napped) and because he uses pine needles to pick his teeth.

And Here's Jeremy just seconds later. After he was totally spooked by a confrontational squirrel.
Here's what the squirrel most likely looked like.

Here's what Jeremy would have you believe.

Did you see my mad Photoshoping skills? Be jealous. It's okay.

*Author's Note: There are more camping tales to follow including my stories such as my bad hair day, learning to smile and hiking.


Captain Dumbass said...

If I have a nightmare about that freakin squirrel I'm so blaming you.

Look! I'm randomly reading old posts now and commenting where no one else has. Almost like a dog marking his territory. Ew!

Whatever, this is your fault for not posting.

Casey said...

Ok, I dunno why I landed here but I'm folloing the Captain's lead and reading your old shit while I should be sleeping. Seriously, it's 1:31 here and I keep wondering if I missed something in tomorrow's HASAY link. Why did you only have one comment here? Did you just get popular when you met ME? Or is it the other way around. Ok, goodnight. SKAN. SKOR. Can I use terms that weren't even around when you posted this?