July 21, 2008

Super Hero

Being a Super Hero is hard. Being a three-year old Super Hero can be even harder. First, you have to convince your parents that you are Super Hero worthy. Say perhaps, that your current Super Hero suit, a Spidey suit, has just grown too small. It's embarrassing to be out there fighting crime in flood pants, you know? So when you accompany your parents to the WalMart, you convince them that you have been so good that you deserve not only a replacement for your current red/blue Spidey suit, but that you also need a "way cool" black Spidey suit. You know, for the days when you're feeling a little darker.

Witness the happy Super Hero in the making.

Being a Super Hero doesn't just automatically happen like they show it in the movies. It takes preparation, planning and the knowledge of how to work velcro.

Whoops. Something's odd about this new Spidey suit.

But every Super Hero just makes the best of it. Totally. Pulling. It. Off.

Ah, that's better. Now the Super Hero works on his web slingers to make sure they are in top condition.

Sometimes Super Heros break for awesomeness.

And to apply the head gear that comes with the new suit.

Head wear? Check. Flashy sandals? Check. Conspicuously placed rope that will definitely result in rope burn? Check.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just witnessed the emergence of a new Super Hero. Consider yourselves warned.

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