March 27, 2007

The Players

JEREMY is my husband and main squeeze. We've been married since the day we met. He's a mountainman and could provide for our family in the event of a Zombie invasion. He has McGiver-esque skills and could kill you with out even using his hands. He seems to be tolerant of me and often tells me I'm pretty. He's an amazing father and I'm so lucky he keeps me around. He has an alter ego named Jerome that only comes out around me and his mother.

HENRY is our three year old son and light of our world. He keeps us entertained and on our toes at all times. He has a penchant for peeing outdoors and often invites you to run with him.

REESE is our infant daughter and holds our every joy in her chubby little hands. She is small, but she's mighty mischievous for such a little thing. She adores her older brother and practically any food you put in front of her. She dislikes bedtime because she finally figured out that life goes on while she sleeps.

TAZ AND MEESHA are the cats. I've had them for ages so they are considered vintage. Meesha is friendly, Taz...not so much. He hates everybody but me. Meesha is prone to sneaking out to run with the dogs while Taz yearns for boys nights out with Dad (even though he can't stand to be in the same room with him)

BAT AND MAX are the dogs. Max is mine and is a boy, no matter what Henry tells you. Also, he is a Republican, which I cannot get behind. Bat only knows that Jeremy exists mainly because Jeremy brings him food. Bat has been known to knock himself out from time to time.

MASTER-P is Henry's betta fish and you should be aware that he read minds.

GRANDMA JO AND GRANDPA BRENT are my parents. They enjoy watching the kids and being flooded at their house. I say this because their river banks have overflowed a handful of times and they've never moved once. My Mom has single-handedly pimped this blog out to almost everyone she knows and she still can't pronounce the word 'blog' properly. Thanks, Mom!

GRANDMA LAURI AND GRANDPA WAYNE are Jeremy's folks. They don't like having a surplus of soda at their house, they love the Greenbay Packers, the color purple and are partially responsible for Henry's habit of peeing outdoors.

GRANDMA GRANNY is Jeremy's Grandma and Great-Grandma to Henry and Reese. She is physically stronger than almost anyone else I know and is highly likely to be seen with a chainsaw, a log splitter, cleaning out ditches or wiping up behind you with a load of papertowels.

JU-LEE is a hybrid of two of my closest friends. JULEE is beautiful, smart and know, everything that your shampoo bottle promises will happen to you if you lather, rinse, repeat. LEE loves to fish, jump from helicopters with skis and hang out with beautiful, smart and sassy women with high grooming standards.

ROSLIN or ROZZIE is a dear, dear friend. I don't get to see her as often as I used to because she's a baby-haver now and loves to clean her house. She has coached me through my phone aversion, bad hair days and run-ins with mean people. We love to laugh together and I just generally feel I'm better for knowing her.

I have a respectable GIRL POSSE of close friends that I adore. Each of them is uber cool and we like to get together to discuss celebrity meltdowns, normal people meltdowns, politics and how awesome we all are.

PAUL-SHELL are our neighbors whom we not only like, but we like, like them. Henry has the hots for Michelle and is keeping up appearances with Paul to get to his wife.

We have a lot of COUSINS and other FAMILY that appear from time to time in our escapades. Some of them are hip that I will be writing about them later, most of them are not.

KEELY is Reese's guardian angel and owns a significant piece of mine and Jeremy's hearts. Henry reminds us constantly that she is actutally HIS friend.

BUCKNER is a co-worker who has been house hunting since I met him four years ago. He's an artist, but not suffering or brooding.

OTHERS I may have overlooked, let me just tell you I'm sorry. You should probably hang out with us a little more often so I can exaggerate everything about you in this here blog.

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