July 20, 2008

Miss Maddy

Meet Madeleine. She is the daughter of Sara, one of my best friends in the whole world. Maddy recently had a birthday party to celebrate her two years on earth, her beautiful blue eyes and all that hair. Oh, my that hair! You should see it in person.

Here's what Sara and Maddy look like when they see something interesting located just to the left of me.

This is Abbey, Sara's other little one. She is almost exactly two weeks older than Reese. The two of them played together and snatched food from one another throughout the party.

Henry was so excited to go to Sara's house because she has a 'woof' named Lobo.

This was Reesie's face when she laid eyes on Lobo. She mauled him pretty much the entire time.

See how happy she is about the 'woof'?

Umm... this picture has nothing to do with the story line. It's completely gratuitous. I just really want you to see the full awesomeness of Maddy's hair.

Miss Maddy's party was water themed, so you can imagine how stoked Henry was to find a small wading pool. Here he is with his little friend, Murphy.

What did you find there, Henners? Water balloons? Henry and Murphy would engage in a wicked water fight later with these later.

Here's a picture of Murphy while he's still dry. This was not to last for much longer.

Henry raced Maddy down the slip-n-slide....

...and he raced Morgan.

Reece, Maddy's cousin, raced too.

While all the water fun was happening, Reesie and Abbey had a staring contest.

Oops. Abbey flinched first. Rookie.

Maddy and all her hair just kept on cruising the crowd.

Henry played 'fish'...

... and scored some sweet take home gear. Reese snatched up the sunglasses he won and claimed them for herself.

Murphy and his mom, also my good friend, Sarah, enjoyed their last few moments as dry guests at the party....

...because just behind them, this was starting to happen.

Oh no! Henry has soaked Murphy with a bucket of water.

The boys all gathered round the wading pool to load up on more water.

Henry surprised Murphy with another pail of water.

But revenge is sweet...and often wet. Murphy totally hosed Henry.

Umm...just another shot of Maddy's hair, this time with a Sara added.

While all the water fighting and Maddy watching was going on, something near the shade tree was going down. Let's investigate.

Aw. It looks like Abbey and Reese enjoying a game of peek-a-boo.

Abbey tried to fresh with Reesie and snag some of her food.

To make things even, Reese snatched up Abbey's binkie. Girl fight!

These two actually got along so well with each other. It was fun to see them play and interact with one another. Sara and I had a little 'mommy moment' watching them have so much fun together.

Pretty soon it was cupcake time!

Henry dug right in.

So did Miss Maddy.

Thanks for inviting us to your party, Maddy. We had the best time!

To see even more pics of Maddy's party click here.

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