May 1, 2008


Today our family celebrates Meesha and Bat's birthdays!

You may know that Meesha is our well-tempered, Calio cat who is extremely social, loves to eat, tolerates Reesie pulling on her fur and follows Henry pretty much everywhere. Henry has dubbed her "best friend Meesha". He says he shares her with Reesie. For her part, Reesie squeals and laughs whenever she sees Meesha. She also tries to eat her tail. Today, our lovely lady is 14. Wow.

Bat, or B.D., as I call him (for Batty Dog) turns 6 today. He's our big, blockheaded chocolate lab who really only cares about food, Jeremy and Jeremy giving him food. He's definitely the little brother to Maxie and loves to pester him and taunt him with toys, bones and tennis balls. Batty Dog knows that Henry, Jeremy and Max exist. That is it. He's not too concerned with the female species at all.

To celebrate their special days, Meesha received her very own can of tuna fish which she guarded from Taz. Batty and Maxie shared another sponge cake and some bones.

If you thought these parties were off the hook, just wait for next month when Master P, Henry's betta fish, turns 1! It'll be crizazy in the hizows.

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