April 7, 2008

Vegas The Prequel: Live Free And Drive Hard

So, I’ve decided that there are so many tales to tell about our Vegas jaunt that I will be breaking our trip into 4 parts, a VEGAS TRILOGY with a PREQUEL to start it off. I will be sure to point out all the important points I warned you about (fame, seduction, corruption, etc.)

We began our day early, around 5:30 am. As we were packing items, Jeremy accidentally spilled an entire can on Pepsi on my pants. The very pants that I was planning to wear that day. The horror! We regrouped, I chose different pants, and steered Jeremy clear from the sodas. Drama avoided.

Here’s how Jeremy looked while feeling sorry about the spilled Pepsi.

Here’s me thinking about Jeremy feeling sorry.

We were on our way in (alternative clothing). I mentioned to Jeremy that I felt like I was having some cramps. Jeremy suggested they were cramps of excitement.

What we talked about to pass the time on our six hour drive:
  • While passing thru American Fork I said aloud that this was the furthest south I’ve been in about 8 years. Jeremy appropriately answered with a “That’s what she said.”
  • I’m pretty sure I witnessed a fresh murder scene just outside of Holden. An old, red Chevy car was abandoned in a field with two gun shot holes in the front window. Jeremy insisted I didn't really see anything and that I might be over reacting. I say, Jeremy might be a part of the bad stuff that went down in Holden. I cannot vouch for his wearabouts on Wednesday.
  • In Payson we stopped at the new Walmart (to take care of my cramps of excitement). I asked Jeremy which was the bigger deal to come out of that town, the Walmart or our dog Batty?
  • Jeremy reiterated his hatred of Katie Holmes and Spencer and Heidi to me several times.
  • I discovered that Jeremy “just doesn’t get” Miley Cirus. He thinks she looks like Cameron Manheim and that he’s surprised that I know all the words to her new song. (Catchy!)
  • I renewed my love for Panic at The Disco, no longer Panic! At the Disco.
  • We realized near Fillmore how grateful we are to Sara for introducing Chex Mix Bold Party Flavor snacks into our lives.
  • We discussed why Jeremy might be too awesome for his own good.
  • I reflected on much I like Cedar City and explained my dislike of it's hot cousin, St. George.
  • I love of hawks. They are now officially my favorite bird.
  • How I wouldn’t fare too well in the wilderness since I think both hawks and coyotes seem totally approachable.
  • In Scipio, we remembered how happy we are that Henry likes pretzels since he can pick them out of the Chex Bold Party Mix when we don’t eat them.
  • Jeremy thinks all 70’s songs are sung by Captain & Tenille.
  • Jeremy doesn't love Al Gore. Jeremy's sure he jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon. I say he built that wagon. He’s driving that wagon. That wagon powered by biofuel and electricity.
  • I discovered I only pretend to be put off by radio editing. The swears on our satelite radio actually kind of shocked me. Where’s the FCC when I need them?
  • Why is Las Vegas so far away.
  • Multiple reasons why Jeremy thinks turkey taxidermy is incredible.
  • How Jeremy might want to try an iced coffee. Don’t temp him. He just might!
  • We also passed by the birth places of Taz (Enoch) and Meesha (St. George).
  • How Jeremy would bury me in the desert if he were mad at me, but he’s not really that motivated or prepared.
Here's the Seduction part of our Vegas trip:
I know you’re thinking this trip can’t get any more interesting, but it can. Don’t think we didn’t stop at In-n-Out Burger for a bite to eat before even stopping at our hotel.

Jeremy admitted to me halfway through his Double-Double that he didn’t think that In-n-Out Burger would be as good as I had bragged it up. I had no response to that. I was too busy enjoying my meal.

We were totally turned on (seduction) by the fresh, cheesy goodness that In-on-Out Burger offered to us that day.

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