April 15, 2007

Weekend Fun

Great White Hunter
Saturday, Jeremy was up before sunlight for the turkey hunt. From across the field in Deep Creek he spied a group of three large birds and he just knew he'd found his "Tom". He crawled to the grouping on his belly, slowly and methodically as a hunter of his skill would do. However, once he was within a few yards of his prey, he noticed they were plastic and "spinning on rods". Jeremy had just spent the better part of the morning inching his way into someone else's turkey trap. You have to wonder what the other hunter was thinking the entire time as he watched Jeremy carefully attack the "prey".

Good Morning?
Friday, Henry and I fixed eggs together for breakfast. You can tell from the pictures that at first he wasn't too hip on the idea. However, once he figured out that he actually was allowed to break the eggs, he cheered up. You can see the progession of his mood in the pictures below.

Seven Year Itch
This weekend marked our 7th wedding anniversary. Jeremy convinced me that the traditional gift to mark the 7th wedding anniversary is the gift of meat so the two of us headed off to a movie and later, a yummy steak dinner. I'm hoping that the somehow I can convince Jeremy the 8th year tradition is Hawaii.

Back to dinner -- whenever Jeremy and I go out to eat, one of our favorite past times is to watch couples on dates and try to figure out which date number they are on (i.e., first date, fifth date, etc.) So you can imagine my excitement when we walked through the doors and discovered it was Prom night and dozens of overdressed high school kids were waiting to be seated too! It was our own little personal Prominade! That 30 minute wait was over way too quickly. (Did you know that powder blue tuxes have made a comeback in a big way?)

Henry: Self Portrait
Here's Henry experimenting with the camera on his own. Looks to me like the kid's got skills.

Games People Play
Sunday night we headed out to our back yard to play a little croquet and bacci ball. (Heads up, Henry's a cheater. Big time!) When Henry wasn't lobbing the solid, heavy and bruise inducing bacci balls at us, he was swinging the croquet mallots around. Sounds safe! Henry also enjoyed hanging out in the dog runs, sitting in Bat's dog house and barking at us. I'm sure the neighbors had a great time watching us.

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